Designating Whitley Lake (inc Kite Beach), Shore Road Poole as a Bathing Water by Defra

This article is a work in progress and follows on from a year of research into the sewage pollution of Poole Harbour - the process will take most of the summer of 2022 and hopefully suceed for 2023 onwards.


  • To have Whitley Lake (in Kite Beach), Shore Road Poole designated as Bathing Water Quality in order to:
    • Be alerted by Coastwatch if the nearby Combined Sewage Outfalls (CSOs) are discharging, this includes the Elgin Road outfall located a few hundred yards towards Poole from the beach between ESC and Salterns marina;
    • Ensure that the water is sampled ten times per bathing season (May to Sept) as a proxy to the general health of the Harbour and thereby take an informed view on the overall effect of sewage pollution from the CSOs nearby and in Holes Bay.

Achieved By


  • Government-funded sampling will only be carreid out during the bathing season and yet the area is used by oceans sports people year-round. Most spills are outside of the bathing season as they generally relate to heavy rainfall, so funding would be necessary for year-round sampling.