01 June 2020

The site's email is down - that is I think a datacentre problem as we have to use their SMTP host and nothign has changed outr side (if it aint broke..)

A ticket has been raised - chances are either something needs kicking or a licence expired

For now there won't be any notifications...
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admin This is now fixed - for those interested this issue was server side caused by .. "There was a problem that arose on the 31st which was because the CA bundle that is issued by Comodo with all of the certificates expired, they were aware in advance that this was coming up but had released statements about how this would not have an impact only for it to then cause problems with a lot of the certificates they have issued in the past. The certificate on your server hostname which is used to connect to plesk and which is used to send mail securely would have been one of those effected but that certificate has now been replaced and running a check with SSL labs it is showing the SSL scores perfectly so that should not be causing any problems from what I can see. I will test restarting the mail service to see if this will update to use the re-installed SSL and see if that makes any difference. 9 months ago