New day new issue - comments on the public blog

That's excellent and I'd love people to be happy to comment but the flip side is that peopel may not realise its public (for SEO reasons else the site is unchanging)

To ensure that comments on the public blog are only visible to those logged in is a code...
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Phil This is turning into a much bigger job than I had hoped - new dev VM built on the hypervisor here (Windows 2019 server), Plesk, Joomla etc installed, plus an Eclipse PHP IDE.. slowly but surely moving me from easy integration & config towards full development on someone else's codebase. PHP isn't my core language but it looks like I don't have much choice if I want to make ostensibly simple mods like these one 'going forward'. Still the upside is no more cooky behaviour of the live site whilst I'm working on it in plain view so that will make the club a tad more professional. 9 months ago