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If you've met a Club member then you'll  know what we are about but you may not know what the Club site provides.

As a BeachPeople Club member you can:

  • Connect with Club members
  • Get invited to Club-only events (offshore and on)
  • Get first refusal and discounted tickets on any open events we may hold
  • Get discounts on equipment hire & purchase, training courses and accomodation
  • Post messages, upload photos and video, contact other users and use all the facilities of the site (all hosted privately and absolutely not data-mined)
  • Join sport-specific groups and arrange trips with people looking for the same thing
  • Get involved in MeetYouThere travel plans.


  • BeachPeople is just for adults - we don't organise events for families
  • We don't provide equipment or training
  • All members need to be BeachFit - i.e. be able to run two groynes (200m) on sand, swim back in chop and climb onto a rescue boat - this is so you can get yourself out of trouble
  • You'll have to upload a recent solo headshot
  • You're solely responsible for your own safety (and insurance if necessary) - as I say it's a Club for grown-ups ;o)
  • To that end - a disclaimer needs to be signed during registration - here's the link.

If your application is accepted then subs are just £2 a month (to save on PayPal fees its charged half yearly).

The membership process all begins with the Registration form - once you're registered then you'll see the link for subs on the main menu - all the best!


For full details on how we handle your data please see our Privacy page.


When we make reservations we often ask for a £1 deposit – if you are looking for that page then it’s here: Reservations.