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Privacy has always been paramount to the Club and that's reflected in how it's managed and why we built a dedicated website for it in the first place.

There's a lot to cover so as briefly as we can:

  • Email
    • While messages from the BeachPeople.club site are all in plain text as they are sent out to Gmail etc addresses, we have a separate email server that uses BeachPeople.org as its domain and all messages from those accounts are sent via a fully encrypted email service - contact us directly to find out more.
    • The secure address to use is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Website
    • The website itself is built and maintained by the Club and is not accessible by global corporate services beyond the publicly viewable pages
    • The system is built on Open Source platforms that operate under the GNU licence.
    • A dedicated site means that you don't need to be on a social network login to join - there's a justified backlash against the big corporates' approach to privacy and by building an independent private site the Club has stayed well away from their actions
    • There's a checkbox on your profile that you'll need to click to show you are happy with us storing what genuine detail about you that we do (your email address essentially - PayPal handles subs)
    • The site is DDoS protected and is accessible only by SSL (https:// - the padlock symbol). It has full, strict end-to-end encryption and only accepts internet connections with a minimum level of TLS 1.2
  • Copyright
    • You allow BeachPeople to publish any images that you upload, but they remain your intellectual property
    • If you upload copyrighted material then the buck stops with you so be careful on that front
  • Trolling / Stalking etc
    • Only subscribers can publish comments so this accountability will we hope eliminate antisocial behaviour on the site
  • Datamining
    • Nope
  • Targeted advertizing
    • We don't do that either
  • Selling your details
    • Absolutely not - the aim is to avoid storing anything about you personally so we try and take as few details as necessary (just email ideally - it's hard to work with less than that)
    • Profile etc. - a great deal of that is optional but we don't use it internally
  • GDPR
    • The web servers are located in the UK
    • All payments are handled by a third party (PayPal)
    • We do not hold any bank details within the Club
    • Secure email is sent via Switzerland, a GDPR compliant country
  • Misc
    • BeachPeople is our trademark