Dangerous Boats

BeachPeople's Badboats campaign is focused on the ecological damage that derelict glass fibre boats do to the environment, and how to resolve that.

The obvious area where we would like to recover the sunken and beached boats around Poole Harbour to has been occupied by a collection of derelict ex-fishing boats for a considerable time that in some cases represent clear risk to life.

This is a good example (below) - the heavy fishing vessel is supported on a slope that falls away to the the cycle path and footpath and supported by a flimsy wedge seemingly held together by a single woodscrew.

If the wedge gives way then then boat will kill anyone it falls on.

The derelict boats need removing certainly, but for the area to not be fenced off and the boats left with such lack of care applied to the safety of the public is a shocking oversight.

BeachPeople reported this to Dorset police via 101 and then 999 at 17:52pm (incident #528) but it should not be up to us to monitor these things as they are so obviously dangerous.

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14th Feb 2023 17:24