Water Quality Display on Kite Beach

BeachPeople are campaigning to have an A1-sized lectern installed at Kite Beach to inform beachgoers (who often number over 450 in the summer) about the recent water quality with particular focus on raw sewage discharge.

We test the water regularly in the summer for E. Coli and Enterococci and display the results on our website (RHS widget) but feel that it would be more helpful to make that data and others readily available to the public

The board would display:

  • Recent BeachPeople water quality results
  • Details of the most recent nearby raw sewage discharges by Wessex Water
  • Information gleaned from the nascent WW AI system
  • BeachPeople campaign updates, eg:
    • Our campaign to have Whitley Lake, Kite Beach designated as a bathing water
    • Our Badboats campaign to have the polluting derelict glass fibre boats removed from the Harbour and disposed of.

Funding may come from our recent CIL application but if not then it will be sourced from BeachPeople club fund and from donor support.