The answer is yes - but to what exactly? T5, Viano, Vito or something larger - lots to discuss

Dealers Started by Phil Tuesday, 18 February 2020 8 Replies
Mercedes VITO & VIANO Started by Phil Monday, 03 February 2020 1 reply
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Phil posted a new discussion6 days ago


Just a list of motorhome dealers in the UK, as we find them


There's a large van dealer out in Ringwood that has a range of different types of van .. I'm not yet at the point where I know what I want (other... Show more

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Phil - updated group, Campervans

Personally I consider T5s overpriced and a bit smal inside, plus the gearboxes usually only have 80,000 miles in them so buying a second hand...

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Phil posted a new discussion3 weeks ago

Mercedes VITO & VIANO

Ultra reliable diesel vans and petrol MPVs, all RWD and of varying wheelbases


I've been looking at Mercedes Vianos out in Christchurch (the one without all the earthquakes) - also Jap grey imports

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This from Mike on the Surfers Group earlier

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3+ litre petrol automatics with a towbar would be the absolute baseline - 4WD and decent ground clearance a bonus but ultimately its an Ocean Sport... Show more

It should come as no suprise that the avatar and image aren't T5 transporters with their hopeless gearboxes

There are plenty of serious vans out...
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