About the place

Old town Poole is a recent find. The Quay itself has an array of touristy pubs some of which are a bit ragged but heading up the the old High Street (that has the Stable pub at its base) yields some really good venues. There's a nice seaside vibe to the place and its always nice to be around boats.

Food and Drink

The Slug and Lettuce

A recent discovery on my part as I only stumbled upon this street in late August 18.

Anyone from London knows the Slug chain – they know what they are doing and they do it well. Don’t expect anything resembling home-cooked as its mostly frozen (the size of the menu gives that much away) but the upside is that the meals are well-priced and the offers make them positively cheap.

The décor etc is ideal for purpose – the tables aren’t too crammed in and there are a few high ones but since they do cater for prams it’s predominantly babychair height stuff. Okay by me as you can see from the wide windows how much of a creche it is and there are plenty of nearby options.

Karma (Greek)

Like Romanza in Wesetbourne in that the portions are generous and the food fresh - its easy to over-order (one sharing mezze starter and one meat platter main is plenty enough for two). Nice vibe.

Drift bar

A microbar attached to a sprawling pizza restaurant, serving gins and draught beers. Seats maybe ten at a pinch - I liked it. Too small in fact for their own website so the link is to CAMRA