About the place

Lilliput is a real place - who knew?

It's a charming, generally happy town built on a south-facing slope looking over Poole Harbour and I think that has a lot to do with it. Generally the more sun people get the happier they are and it's for that reason that you tend to find the largest and most expensive properties on these South/West facing slopes. Equally the flora changes as pines give way to palms so there is less gloom.

The architectural styles are varied but generally tasteful and few are gothic (tho some builder clearly got a job lot of blue glass at one point. Who wants to live in blue light?).

Lilliput borders Sandbanks which as some of the most expensive real estate in Europe and nowhere to go out


Food and drink

Koh Thai Lilliput

Absolute lottery this one – lovely food and a great venue with friendly staff.

You can’t book so that keeps it fresh but (and it’s a big but) - it’s a favourite for pushy parents to drag their spoiled kids to so be prepared to find yourself ‘in the way’ of sharp-elbowed mums who want your space for their precious.

I’ve had lovely times and awful times at the place – its all depends on who turns up and how entitled they feel they are to where you are sitting.