About the place

Studland is and Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) - its a mix of beaches, dunes and heath with some beautiful rolling green hills to boot - Dorset at its best. The whole area is managed by the National Trust so its worth becoming a member just for the free parking

Food and drink

Bankes Arms

Good pub to drop into if you are walking to Old Harry's Stack, just you and a thousand tourists

Pig on the Beach

One of the most visually impressive pubs I've ever been to, with epic views across the bay to the white cliffs and to Bournemouth. Not cheap - rooms run to over £300pn but much of the food is grown onsite (yup - even the bacon). Great place for a date. The Breezer bus takes you close by.

Shell Bay Cafe

Situated right by the ferry port on the beach. It's essentialy two halves - a characterless canteen-style cafe for tourists, kids dogs etc. and a sit down restaurant with views over the harbour.